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Benzene is an important industrial chemical and common environmental pollutant. Benzene is found in most fossil fuels, car exhausts and cigarette smoke. Long-term exposure to low levels of benzene may lead to anaemia, leukaemia and cancer.  

Biomark’s test measures the urinary biomarker S-PMA (S-phenylmercapturic acid). S-PMA is a specific benzene metabolite and presence of this biomarker in urine confirms inhalation, ingestion or absorption of benzene.

The use of S-PMA in occupational biomonitoring is recommended by:

ACGIH (American Conference of  Governmental Hygienists)

UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

DFG  (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

Biomark’s test has the following advantages –

Biomark’’s test is available through Chemitrace Limited and is now being used by the chemical and petrochemical industry to determine work place exposure.

For further details about benzene and benzene biomonitoring please click the Products tab or visit www.chemitrace.com

Each test kit contains:

Benzene Biomonitoring Reagent Kit