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Biomark’s core activity is the development of simple, rapid and cost-effective tests for monitoring occupational and environmental exposure to harmful chemicals. Current research activities focus upon common industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants with known adverse health effects - such as the carcinogen benzene.

Biomark’s application of immunochemical methods, such as ELISA, facilitates the provision of cost-effective routine screening and the determination of large sample numbers. With support from the Welsh Government Biomark are developing tests for benzene and the PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

Biomark are working with BBI Solutions to develop point of care tests (POCTs). These dipsticks will permit on-site testing and on the job monitoring. POCTs will allow employers to confirm the immediate impact of good working practice, provide immediate reassurance to those involved in hazardous tasks and the immediate removal or workers from potentially harmful situations.   

CEO Dr Lathan Ball  presents Biomark’s Research and Development at BOHS 2014.

Research was completed in collaboration with BBI Solutions and the UK Health and Safety Laboratory.

Biomark’s BOHS 2014 benzene biomonitoirng presentation can be viewed on the BOHS website.