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June 2014

Chemitrace employ Biomark’s benzene biomonitoring reagents in testing service.

Further details are available at www.chemitrace.com

April 2014

Biomark win award at BOHS 2014

Biomark’s poster titled “The Development of a “Point of Care” Test (POCT) for Benzene Biomonitoring” was acknowledged as best poster in conference for its contribution to Occupational Health. The research was undertaken in collaboration with BBI Solutions Limited and the UK HSL.

September 2013

Biomark present R&D at ISBM 2013.

Biomark’s benzene biomonitoirng talk and poster were well received at the 9th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring. Biomark presented a cost-effective ELISA test kit for determining urinary S-PMA. The development of a “point of care” test was also discussed.

April 2013

Biomark attend Isocyanates and Health - Past, Present and Futrure conference in Washington DC.

February 2013

Biomark begin collaboration with BBI Solutions.

Biomark and BBI will collabaortae in the development of point of care tests for occupational and environmental biomonitoring.

February 2011

Welsh Assembly Government invests in Biomark

Biomark is expanding it’s Research and Development activities with support from the Welsh Government. These new funds will help develop a panel of tests for monitoring human exposure to several common environmental chemicals and pollutants with known health effects. Further details will be reported in the near future.

September 2009

Biomark secures Welsh Assembly Support

Biomark Limited was awarded a grant by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Department of Economy and Transport to develop it’s Environmental Biomonitoring programme. The project will play a significant role in growing Biomark’s research and development activities and bringing new products to the market place.